Q1. How do I change how I pay for a recurring donation that I previously created?

To change your method of payment, you will need to log into Paypal by following these steps: “Paypal: How do I change the way I pay for a recurring payment, subscription, automatic billing, or installment plan?”

Q2. How do I change the amount of a recurring donation?

To change your recurring donation amount just enter a new amount and choose the ‘Subscribe’ button. On the following screen, log into Paypal. Paypal will then prompt you with your old subscription amount and your new amount. Choose ‘Save’ if the change looks correct.

Q3. How do I cancel a recurring donation that I previously created?

To cancel your recurring payment, you must log into PayPal and modify your account by following these steps: “Paypal: How do I cancel a recurring payment, subscription, or automatic billing agreement I have with a merchant?”

Q4. Can I set the day of the month that my recurring donation will come out of my account?

Currently, the ability to set the date for the donation does not exist. The day of the month will be the same as the day you set up the donation subscription. So, if you set up the recurring subscription donation on the 15th of May, the next donation will be the 15th of June and so on.

Q5. Is PayPal secure?

Yes. PayPal guarantees the security of their website and is used for donations for organizations like ours, businesses, and individuals transferring money to each other.

Q6. Can Hope EFC change my recurring or single donation amounts for me?

No. Please make all changes through the PayPal interface. Hope EFC is unable to change individual PayPal accounts. To contact PayPal please visit their Contact Us website.

Q7. Does it cost me any money to donate to PayPal?

No on your end. Yes on the churches end.

  • No → You won’t be charged by PayPal to donate money. If you donate $100, you will get credit at the end of the year for donating $100 for tax purposes.
  • Yes → PayPal does take a percentage (2.2% because we are a non-profit, lower than if we were a business) plus $0.30 per transaction

Therefore, when you donate $100 via PayPal, $97.50 will show up in our PayPal account. All online platforms do this. PayPal is the cheapest for the size of our church. If this is a huge concern for you, adding about $2.55 to each $100 you give will make up for the difference.