The ancient devotional known as the Way of the Cross is an ancient practice observed by pilgrims to Jerusalem: the offering of prayer at a series of places in that city traditionally associated with our Lord’s passion and death. The number of stations, which at first varied widely, finally became fixed at fourteen, and are based directly on events recorded in the Gospel accounts or from pious legend.

We have adapted it as a “self-service” devotional prayer walk in our community. The stations will be in place from Holy Monday until Easter. Weather permitting, Good Friday would be an especially appropriate time to walk through this devotional.
The walk may feel like a treasure hunt for the kids, as they keep a lookout for the signs (8” X 11” about 2 ‘ high) along the way. The route begins with a station on the public sidewalk in front of Otsego Place, and is 2.1 miles, so it will take about an hour to walk, read and pray all the devotions. However, you could bike or drive along the route in less time:

Walk: 41 min.
Bike: 10 min.
Drive: 13 min.
Read the devotions: 20 min.


Please be mindful of residents in the neighborhood, stay on the sidewalks and do not call on houses. The map and devotions may be read from the printed guide, from a smartphone (click here), or from the station signs themselves. With the many uncertainties around us this year, I hope that you will be personally drawn closer to our Lord Jesus through this devotion.

Pastor James